Shopping Spree

So whats better to do after a 3 hour long exam on marketing? Shopping of course! I couldn’t resist when going into the city centre for a spot of lunch. I’ve finally booked my holiday for the summer and as I’m leaving in almost 2 weeks I thought I’d better get cracking on some holiday shopping. And let me tell you thats exactly what I did! I did originally have a list of one or two things to buy but then well I saw more things I liked than expected and just couldn’t keep away!

(note – my brother and I currently share a camera so I can’t post pictures for a few days but I have hyperlinked everything I could in the meantime)

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge have some beautiful brights for the summer at the moment and if I had the money I probably would’ve spent a whole lot more but I just picked up 2 small crop tops … for now.

Grey 90s Square Crop – £8
90s Aztec Square Crop – £12
*don’t forget Miss Selfridge do 10% student discount


I was super disappointed with Primark’s selection of summer clothes as they usually do some great items. However, there were a few things I was able to pick up and if you’re looking for a inexpensive bikini then Primark is the place to go! It’s got a great selection in all colours, shapes and sizes.. so it’s not surprising i picked up 1 or 2 things!

Brown/Red Aztec Cotton Trousers – £9
Green & Blue Paisley Towel – £6
Red Bikini – £4!!!!!!
Black and Coloured Striped Bikini – £8
Hair ties – £1
Bracelets (I’m currently wearing them as anklets) – £2

New Look

Pink Floral Fringed Kimono – £24.99
Brown Round Framed Sunglasses – £4.99
(I couldn’t find the exact colour but this is the style)

White & Purple Swing Jersey Cami – 2 for £10
Coral Strappy Cork Wedges – £19.99
(the website says orange but they’re definitely more of a coral)
*don’t forget New Look do 10% student discount (sometimes 20%)

I hope this gave you a little idea into whats out in the shops for summer at the moment, especially if you’re on a budget as a lot of what I bought was less than £20 – BARGAIN! 🙂
Have you seen anything perfect for summer? Or maybe if you have these items, how d’you style them?



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