Topshop Haul

…*… Pictures coming soon …*…

So I’ve been very poorly for the last few days so I decided today I would treat myself to a little bit of therapy…Retail therapy that is! As a huge Topshop fan I couldn’t resist the urge to go in and splash some hard-earned cash!
So here’s what I bought:
Flat top “TOOLS Topshop” foundation brush – £8
I have been after a flat top foundation brush for a while as I don’t really get on with regular foundation brushes. They tend to leave a streaky mess on my face! 😦 So after reading very good things about this line I thought I would give this one a go and potentially do a quick review of it next week. I can already say though the bristles are very soft and also the brush is very small so easy to pop into my makeup bag for on the go!!!
“Tallulah” leather look shoes in white – £16
These shoes are already going to be my spring/summer staples! They super comfortable and look pretty sturdy so hopefully they will last a long time! And for Topshop the price is very reasonable. I’m super excited to try these with some light jeans and my new pastel colour jumper…
*Favourite Purchase*
Mint green jumper – £26
THIS IS SO SOFT!!! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some pastel colour clothes for a while and this jumper is perfect! I bought it in a size 16 – you might think I’m crazy but I really wanted a big baggy jumper and I felt this was the one but just not big enough – so hey.. Size 16 it is!!! I love it – it is definitely my favourite purchase of the day!
Silver snakeskin iPad case – £16 reduced to £3
I can never resist a good bargain and I always check out the sale section of Topshop  when I’m there.. Which is pretty often! Today I was a bit disappointed, especially with their clothing section, but I did spot this beauty! It’s a magnetic iPad case that clips the side of your device. It’s super shiny and I love mixing my cases up depending on what I’m using it for. Well for 3 quid who could resist eh?!
*Disappointing purchase*
Grey oversized V-neck t-shirt – £16 reduced to £12
Another cheeky sale purchase. I love the dark grey colour and the simple design, I’m really lacking plain essential tops in my wardrobe at the moment. Unfortunately, the top does not suit me! I have a condition called ‘Madelung’ meaning I have really short arms and the sleeve length of this is not for me at all! So I will be returning this one sadly, but I will definitely be on the look out for another oversized grey top (just with shorter sleeves)!
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