The City of Love (and macarons)

I know this post is a little bit very much delayed but this February I had one of my best holidays to date. My boyfriend Ryan and I took a trip to PARIS for Valentines weekend. It has undoubtedly always been a dream of mine to go to Paris with someone I love and see all the different sites, especially the Eiffel Tower. Words cannot even begin to explain the view and those oh so fuzzy feelings I got looking across the city hand in hand with someone I truly love…

Here are some photos from our trip away, as after all a photo is worth a thousand words.

DSC01985 DSC01984 DSC02008 DSC02001 DSC02009 DSC02012 DSC02013 DSC02025 DSC02032 DSC02050 DSC02065 DSC02079 DSC02070 DSC02080 DSC02086 DSC02089 DSC02126 DSC02106 DSC02092 DSC02227 DSC02155 DSC02132 DSC02240 DSC02242 DSC02232


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