25 Facts About Me

So I know I’m very new to this blogging world so I thought I’d give you an insight to some random facts about me:

Photo on 22-04-2014 at 17.21

1. I used to do Irish dancing with my best friend Elizabeth

2. Although claimed to be impossible, I can in fact lick my elbow

3. I love maths. I’m secretly a bit nerdy

4. I cry ALOT. Good, bad, I cry.

5. I’m obsessed with mint chocolate.. its sooo good! Actually, any chocolate.

6. I am and have been a bartender for almost a year – I can make fancy cocktails and things…. sort of

7. I’m currently in a long distance relationship with my amazing boyfriend, Ryan (i love you – CHEESY)

8. I love to bake

9. Im a super super fussy eater and struggled to order off a menu until I was about 17/18

10. I’m afraid of the dark

11. I completed my grade 5 in violin and also played the oboe and piano in school. I probably couldn’t play a note now, but I can read music.

12. I worry far to much, and struggle to believe in my self.

13. I have one sibling, Miles, and he is the best little brother.

14. I can’t wait to move away from my home town, as much as I love it

15. I talk FAR too much, most people zone out halfway through me talking. oopsie

16. I love all holidays and events: Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Birthdays etc..

17. I want to be a Wedding Planner one day… its the dream

18. I am always late. Although pretty organised and I love to sort things and make charts etc. (another nerdy quality)

19. I HATE mornings.. Im definitely a night owl

20. I have been a competitive cheerleader for 3 years – Cardiff Snakecharmers, I love you

21. I’m due to graduate from University in July  in Business Management

22. I completely flunked my 2nd year of uni whilst studying accounting. It really was not for me.

23. YouTube made me want to create a blog

25. Saving the best till last… IM WELSH 🙂

So there we go, 25 facts about me! Im sure there are many more wierd and maybe wonderful things that I’ll share in the future. Do any of you have similar facts about you?!


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