Shopping Spree

So whats better to do after a 3 hour long exam on marketing? Shopping of course! I couldn’t resist when going into the city centre for a spot of lunch. I’ve finally booked my holiday for the summer and as I’m leaving in almost 2 weeks I thought I’d better get cracking on some holiday shopping. And let me tell you thats exactly what I did! I did originally have a list of one or two things to buy but then well I saw more things I liked than expected and just couldn’t keep away!

(note – my brother and I currently share a camera so I can’t post pictures for a few days but I have hyperlinked everything I could in the meantime)

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge have some beautiful brights for the summer at the moment and if I had the money I probably would’ve spent a whole lot more but I just picked up 2 small crop tops … for now.

Grey 90s Square Crop – £8
90s Aztec Square Crop – £12
*don’t forget Miss Selfridge do 10% student discount


I was super disappointed with Primark’s selection of summer clothes as they usually do some great items. However, there were a few things I was able to pick up and if you’re looking for a inexpensive bikini then Primark is the place to go! It’s got a great selection in all colours, shapes and sizes.. so it’s not surprising i picked up 1 or 2 things!

Brown/Red Aztec Cotton Trousers – £9
Green & Blue Paisley Towel – £6
Red Bikini – £4!!!!!!
Black and Coloured Striped Bikini – £8
Hair ties – £1
Bracelets (I’m currently wearing them as anklets) – £2

New Look

Pink Floral Fringed Kimono – £24.99
Brown Round Framed Sunglasses – £4.99
(I couldn’t find the exact colour but this is the style)

White & Purple Swing Jersey Cami – 2 for £10
Coral Strappy Cork Wedges – £19.99
(the website says orange but they’re definitely more of a coral)
*don’t forget New Look do 10% student discount (sometimes 20%)

I hope this gave you a little idea into whats out in the shops for summer at the moment, especially if you’re on a budget as a lot of what I bought was less than £20 – BARGAIN! 🙂
Have you seen anything perfect for summer? Or maybe if you have these items, how d’you style them?



The City of Love (and macarons)

I know this post is a little bit very much delayed but this February I had one of my best holidays to date. My boyfriend Ryan and I took a trip to PARIS for Valentines weekend. It has undoubtedly always been a dream of mine to go to Paris with someone I love and see all the different sites, especially the Eiffel Tower. Words cannot even begin to explain the view and those oh so fuzzy feelings I got looking across the city hand in hand with someone I truly love…

Here are some photos from our trip away, as after all a photo is worth a thousand words.

DSC01985 DSC01984 DSC02008 DSC02001 DSC02009 DSC02012 DSC02013 DSC02025 DSC02032 DSC02050 DSC02065 DSC02079 DSC02070 DSC02080 DSC02086 DSC02089 DSC02126 DSC02106 DSC02092 DSC02227 DSC02155 DSC02132 DSC02240 DSC02242 DSC02232

25 Facts About Me

So I know I’m very new to this blogging world so I thought I’d give you an insight to some random facts about me:

Photo on 22-04-2014 at 17.21

1. I used to do Irish dancing with my best friend Elizabeth

2. Although claimed to be impossible, I can in fact lick my elbow

3. I love maths. I’m secretly a bit nerdy

4. I cry ALOT. Good, bad, I cry.

5. I’m obsessed with mint chocolate.. its sooo good! Actually, any chocolate.

6. I am and have been a bartender for almost a year – I can make fancy cocktails and things…. sort of

7. I’m currently in a long distance relationship with my amazing boyfriend, Ryan (i love you – CHEESY)

8. I love to bake

9. Im a super super fussy eater and struggled to order off a menu until I was about 17/18

10. I’m afraid of the dark

11. I completed my grade 5 in violin and also played the oboe and piano in school. I probably couldn’t play a note now, but I can read music.

12. I worry far to much, and struggle to believe in my self.

13. I have one sibling, Miles, and he is the best little brother.

14. I can’t wait to move away from my home town, as much as I love it

15. I talk FAR too much, most people zone out halfway through me talking. oopsie

16. I love all holidays and events: Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Birthdays etc..

17. I want to be a Wedding Planner one day… its the dream

18. I am always late. Although pretty organised and I love to sort things and make charts etc. (another nerdy quality)

19. I HATE mornings.. Im definitely a night owl

20. I have been a competitive cheerleader for 3 years – Cardiff Snakecharmers, I love you

21. I’m due to graduate from University in July  in Business Management

22. I completely flunked my 2nd year of uni whilst studying accounting. It really was not for me.

23. YouTube made me want to create a blog

25. Saving the best till last… IM WELSH 🙂

So there we go, 25 facts about me! Im sure there are many more wierd and maybe wonderful things that I’ll share in the future. Do any of you have similar facts about you?!

Everyday Makeup Routine


My daily makeup routine tends to change from week to week. Recently, due to the beautiful and surprising Welsh weather we’ve been experiencing, I’ve been LOVING wearing neutral make up with a bright lip. So I thought I’d let you delve into the current products I’ve been using, as everyone loves to be a little bit nosey don’t they. 🙂 Heres a list of the products I use on a regular basis (I would say daily but I do love a makeup free day or 2) and the order in which I use them:


Maybelline – Baby Skin “Instant Pore Eraser”
Rimmel London – Match Perfection Foundation – “Ivory 100”
MAC – Studio Fix Fluid – “NW20”
Soap & Glory – Kick Ass Concealer – “Light”
No 7 – Bronzer
No 7 – Mineral Perfection Blush – “Soft Damson 10”
e.l.f – Eyebrow Gel – “Light (I think)”
Soap & Glory – Archery Brow Tint & Precision Pencil – “Brownie Points”
Urban Decay – Naked Palette 1 – “Virgin & Naked”
Collection – Liquid Eyeliner – “Black”
Benefit – They’re Real Mascara
Rimmel London – Apocalips Lip Lacquer – “Apocaliptic 303”

Tangle Teezer Review

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 19.06.21

Look at it, this long thick mass of hair! I have always dreaded having to brush through it with regular hair brushes and I cannot begin to tell you how many I have broken over the years. So when I started reading about the reviews of the ‘Tangle Teezer‘, I couldn’t resist giving a go.

I picked up the original in pink fizz, but they have released a variety of different products, ranging from children’s flower pots to in the shower, Aqua Splash. The brush is specially designed to detangle your hair with no pain, and claims to ‘care for the hair you wear’. Which it certainly does! Whether my hair is wet or dry, straight or curly, it glides through pain free. Even those stubborn knots, caught up by wearing your hair in a bun for a week, it sorts them right out. It’s brushes are spread out across the base of the brush in a particular order to ensure the knots are easily removed and protects your hair and its cuticles.
You make think £10.50 for a hairbrush is on the expensive side, when you can pop to Primark and pick one up for £1. But I promise you, you will not regret it, especially if you have long thick hair that is just too much of a chore to manage!
Let me know what you think, or if you’ve got another tip for sorting out frizzy, uncontrollable hair.
happiness is a mood, not a destination

Topshop Haul

…*… Pictures coming soon …*…

So I’ve been very poorly for the last few days so I decided today I would treat myself to a little bit of therapy…Retail therapy that is! As a huge Topshop fan I couldn’t resist the urge to go in and splash some hard-earned cash!
So here’s what I bought:
Flat top “TOOLS Topshop” foundation brush – £8
I have been after a flat top foundation brush for a while as I don’t really get on with regular foundation brushes. They tend to leave a streaky mess on my face! 😦 So after reading very good things about this line I thought I would give this one a go and potentially do a quick review of it next week. I can already say though the bristles are very soft and also the brush is very small so easy to pop into my makeup bag for on the go!!!
“Tallulah” leather look shoes in white – £16
These shoes are already going to be my spring/summer staples! They super comfortable and look pretty sturdy so hopefully they will last a long time! And for Topshop the price is very reasonable. I’m super excited to try these with some light jeans and my new pastel colour jumper…
*Favourite Purchase*
Mint green jumper – £26
THIS IS SO SOFT!!! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some pastel colour clothes for a while and this jumper is perfect! I bought it in a size 16 – you might think I’m crazy but I really wanted a big baggy jumper and I felt this was the one but just not big enough – so hey.. Size 16 it is!!! I love it – it is definitely my favourite purchase of the day!
Silver snakeskin iPad case – £16 reduced to £3
I can never resist a good bargain and I always check out the sale section of Topshop  when I’m there.. Which is pretty often! Today I was a bit disappointed, especially with their clothing section, but I did spot this beauty! It’s a magnetic iPad case that clips the side of your device. It’s super shiny and I love mixing my cases up depending on what I’m using it for. Well for 3 quid who could resist eh?!
*Disappointing purchase*
Grey oversized V-neck t-shirt – £16 reduced to £12
Another cheeky sale purchase. I love the dark grey colour and the simple design, I’m really lacking plain essential tops in my wardrobe at the moment. Unfortunately, the top does not suit me! I have a condition called ‘Madelung’ meaning I have really short arms and the sleeve length of this is not for me at all! So I will be returning this one sadly, but I will definitely be on the look out for another oversized grey top (just with shorter sleeves)!
happiness is a mood, not a destination

Hello Blogging World

So here it goes…

I’m Sophia or SophiaWills.

I’m 21 and due to graduate Cardiff University with a BSc in Business Management in July (How scary?!) Where has the time gone?! It feels like only yesterday I was sat playing dress up with my best friends and making dens with my Daddy. I live in the wonderful city of Cardiff with 3 of my closest friends in a Uni flat we like to call ‘The Nest’. I live near both my parents and am very close to the both of them as well as being super close to my younger brother Miles (he’s 14 but I talk about him as though he’s 7 – Sorry!). I also have the most adorable puppy in the world – RUDI! And last but not least comes my amazing boyfriend of 2 and a half years, Ryan. He’s 24 and a student at Plymouth Uni (150 miles away from me – Wahhhh) and is currently on his placement year ALL the way in Reading.

 I’ve always had a keen eye for creativity and throughout my time at University my passion for weddings has flourished. I am now looking for jobs in the wonderful world of Wedding and Event planning. To some of you this may sounds like your idea of hell but to me it’s more than exciting. What could be better than organising one of the most beautiful days in anybody’s life, be it bride, groom or guests.

But the main focus here is beauty and lifestyle. Beauty Blogging has become so popular over the past couple of years and I follow various YouTube bloggers and am constantly stalking the latest makeup products from various cosmetic companies. I am also a subscriber to Glossy Box UK and Birchbox UK, which I will do unboxing blogs for all of you to have a little nose at. For me, I used to only ever wear a tiny bit of mascara and a winged eyeliner (a must have of mine since 2007/08). But since my time at Uni and having the luxury of a student loan and various jobs, my makeup collection has grown by huge amounts. Although, after seeing some bloggers makeup collections mine looks pretty measly.

So here I go, writing about all things beauty and lifestyle, with a few extras thrown in.

I hope you enjoy.

happiness is a mood, not a destination